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Mary Losure. Wild Boy: The Real Life of the Savage of
. (Candlewick Press, 2013)
We use the word “wild” all the time when we talk
about kids. But what does wild really mean? What of a
child who never knew parents, houses, even words?
Who lived in the woods and ate what he could dig with
his own hands? Would you say he was a savage, or
was he free? Two hundred years ago, such a boy was
caught and dragged naked into a French town. What
could be done with him? What should be done with
him? Was he being saved or imprisoned?

Middle School Nonfiction

Margarita Engle, illustrations by Olga & Aleksey
Mountain Dog. (Henry Holt, 2013)
Gabe is a rescue dog, an amazing hero who saves the
lost, the injured, the frightened. Tony has lost his
mom, has been nearly destroyed by being forced to
make dogs fight to the death, and is frightened that
there is no future for him. No boy and his dog were
ever better matched.
Middle School Realistic Fiction

Fred Bowen. Double Reverse. (Peachtree, 2014)
Everyone who plays team sports has to face the
priority question at some time. Are you a quarterback,
or a football player? Are you a member of the offense,
or a member of the team? But in Fred Bowen's latest,
priorities get challenged, stretched, and tied in knots
when a soccer defenseman becomes a goalie to
become a football player to become a kicker and end
up as a running back?? And SHE's not even the main
character! Keep your eye on the ball in this high-fun,
high-action sports tale.
Middle School Sports

Doreen Rappaport, illustrated by C.F. Payne. To Dare
Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt.

(Disney, 2013)
He may have started out small, but Teddy Roosevelt
made himself strong, and made the world listen. He
became one of the truly big men in history. And you
are never too small to dream big.
Elementary Biography

Shawn Byous.  Because I Stubbed My Toe. (Capstone,
For all those little guys who are sick of hearing, "There
will be consequences, young man!" Bring it on!
Picture Book

Jason Fry. Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra.
(Harper, 2014)
Tycho and his family live on the edge. Between pirate
and privateer, between legal and outlaw, between
civilization and the vast emptiness. But his ship is a
starship, and it sails the edges of space, not an ocean.
There are frontiers and horizons beyond those on
Middle School Science Fiction

American Museum of Natural History, illustrated by
Steve Jenkins.
1-2-3 Dinosaurs Bite!: A Prehistoric
Counting Book.
(Sterling, 2012)
Learn to count... or these dinosaurs will eat you!
Nonfiction Picture Book

David G. Derrick, Jr. I'm the Scariest Thing in the
(Immedium, 2013)
Two pint-sized, would be top predators claim the
thrown in wild India. Tooth and claw, stalk and pounce,
who is scariest of all?
Picture Book

Matthew J. Kirby. The Lost Kingdom. (Scholastic,
A nation has its stories, its rumors, its folklore, even a
nation as young as America. But where do these
stories come from? They are based on something.
One intrepid group of explorers at the birth of America
head into the great frontier to find the truth of them all.
Okay, they aren't going into the frontier so much as
above it.
Middle School Science Fiction

Tanya Lee Stone. Courage Has No Color: The True
Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black
(Candlewick, 2013)
Who says a soldier has to fight to change history? Can
stepping out of a plane into thin air take more courage
than facing an enemy? And can an enemy within be as
terrible as an enemy on the other side of the
battlefield? In World War II, seventeen men, seventeen
BLACK men, changed America by boarding a plane
knowing they weren't going to land with it, and
became the first African Americans in the most elite
unit in the military.
Elementary Nonfiction

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