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Derek Munson, illustrated by Melody Wang. Bad Dad.
(Cannonball Books, 2013)
Dad is always doing things with his kids that get him in
trouble... which means he is always doing things with
his kids!

Picture Book

Ben Mikaelsen. Jungle of Bones. (Scholastic, 2014)
Dylan panicked and began running down the trail. But
even as he ran, he realized it was probably the
dumbest thing he could do after a snake bite. Still he
kept running. If he stopped he would just die here on
some muddy overgrown trail in the jungles of Papua
New Guinea. By morning, rats would have picked his
bones clean. By next week, other critters would have
his bones scattered through the forest like twigs and
branches. The world would never even know what had
happened to Dylan Barstow.
Middle School Action/Adventure

Steve Jenkins. Eye to Eye: How Animals See the
(Houghton Mifflin, 2014)
The endless variations on how animals see, and just
enough general information to see how it all fits
together. For those kids who can name EVERY animal
at the zoo, Jenkins consistently finds new and
fascinating corners of the natural world.
Elementary Nonfiction

Tommy Greenwald, illustrated by Melissa
Jack Strong Takes a Stand. (Roaring Brook
Press, 2013)
Take a stand by sitting down! Rosa Parks did it. So did
Gandhi. But of course they weren't sitting down on a
couch playing video games. Is this the inspirational
leader of the next generation? Couch potatoes unite!
Middle School Humor

William Bee. "Stanley" (Series)
Stanley the Builder. (Peachtree, 2014)
Stanley the Farmer. (Peachtree, 2014)
Stanley's Diner. (Peachtree, 2014)
Stanley's Garage. (Peachtree, 2014)
Stanley is one helpful hamster, with lots of great tools
and equipment. In simple text and bold pictures,
Stanley spends his days helping one friend after
another. A perfect little series of little books for little
Picture Books

Artie Bennett, illustrated by Pranas T. Naujokaitis.
Belches, Burps, and Farts, Oh My! (Blue Apple, 2014)
What's better than a book about gas? One with
unforgetable pictures and easy-to-memorize rhymes!
In typical Artie Bennett fashion (Do you remember
Butt Book
and Poopendous?) this book puts the
logical in scatological, making sense of the things we
all have in common without ever lessoning the
gut-busting humor. Watch out! If your kids laugh too
hard they might slip up and learn something!
Nonfiction Picture Book

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illustrated by Zachariiah
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! (Abrams Books for
Young Readers, 2014)
Now here is a destructive force of nature that many
little guys can relate too! Even when he is trying to be
good, Tyrannosaurus's energy, and the damage, just
can't be contained. In a classroom of good little
dinosaurs, T-Rex puts the terrible in terrible lizards.
Picture Book

Alan Lawrence Sitomer, illustrated by Abby Carter.
Daddy's Zigzagging Bedtime Story. (Disney Hyperion
Books, 2014)
It is bedtime, and Jake wants one book; Jenny wants
another. Jake wants one kind of story; Jenny wants
another altogether. Never fear, Dad is here, with a
story unlike any his kids have ever heard.
Picture Book

Deborah Hopkinson. The Great Trouble: A Mystery of
London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel.
A dread disease arises in a poor and packed
neighborhood in 19th century London, and in days six
hundred are dead. The poor die in droves while the
rest of the city stands back in horror, so it is up to a
boy of the streets, and the sewers, to head off the
disease before it takes everyone he loves.
Middle School Historical Fiction

Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen. The Dark.
(Little, Brown, 2013)
A little boy the dark lives in his house. He's afraid of
the dark, but as long as it doesn't come calling it can
have the basement, the closet, and the night. Then the
dark comes calling...
Picture Book

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