Jeff Belanger. Who's Haunting the White House?: The President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live
(Sterling, 2008)
Harry Truman saw them. Winston Churchill felt their presence. Mary Todd Lincoln actually called them
forth, and Abraham Lincoln is one of them. Dolly Madison tried to stop the workmen from digging up her
garden to plan the Rose Garden sixty years after she died. These are the specters that lurk in one of the
most historic, and haunted, buildings in America.

Don Brown. Henry and the Cannons: An Extraordinary True Story of the American Revolution. (Roaring
Brook Press, 2013)
The British soldiers living in Boston during the Revolutionary War got one of the nastiest surprises in
history. One morning, a soldier cried that there was a line of cannons looking down at them! Nonsense,
said an officer, there aren't any cannons for 300 miles. Then he looked up...

Timothy Decker. For Liberty: The Story of the Boston Massacre. (Calkins Creek, 2009)
For those elementary and middle school kids who remember their picture book days as the last time they
loved reading, here is a powerful take on a grimly fascinating event. This is "small" history; fifteen minutes
that changed the world, and the drama is enhanced by stark, black and white illustrations that evoke both
David MacAulay and the Manga form. Perhaps its greatest gift is to individualize the players, making the
tragedy all the more human. This is history that comes alive.

"Dog Heroes" [Series] (Bearport Publishing)
Meish Goldish.
Baghdad Pups.
Meish Goldish. Bomb-sniffing Dogs.
Sunita Apte. Combat-Wounded Dogs.  
Meish Goldish.
Disabled Dogs.  
Melissa McDaniel. Disaster Search Dogs.
Shelley Bueche, Chris Puls. Dog Scouts of America.
Judith Bauer Stamper. Eco Dogs.
Donna Latham.
Fire Dogs.  
Meish Goldish.
Ground Zero Dogs.  
Melissa McDaniel.
Guide Dogs.  
Meish Goldish. Hollywood Dogs.  
Frances E. Ruffin.
Medical Detective Dogs.  
Frances E. Ruffin.
Military Dogs.  
Meish Goldish.
Pest-sniffing Dogs.  
Frances E. Ruffin.
Police Dogs.  
Meish Goldish. Prison Puppies.  
Bendix Anderson.
Security Dogs.  
Margaret Fetty.
Seizure-Alert Dogs.  
Linda Tagliaferro.
Service Dogs.  
Lori Haskins.
Sled Dogs.  
Maida Silverman.
Snow Search Dogs.
Meish Goldish. Soldiers' Dogs.
Meish Goldish. Surf Dog Miracles.  
Linda Tagliaferro.
Therapy Dogs.
Frances E. Ruffin. Water Rescue Dogs.
Dan Greenberg. Wilderness Search Dogs.

"Extreme Cuisine" (Series):
Meish Goldish. Baby Bug Dishes. (Bearport, 2009)
Meish Goldish. Bug-a-licious. (Bearport, 2009)
From cricket lollipops to roasted ants in the movie theatre, here are the stories of bug foods from around
the world. Part cook book, part social study, and all queasy, this is a fun nonfiction written at a very
accessible level.
Meish Goldish. Mammal Menu. (Bearport, 2009)
Dinah Williams. Shocking Seafood. (Bearport, 2009)
Dinah Williams. Slithery, Slimy, Scaly Treats. (Bearport, 2009)
Meish Goldish. Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats. (Bearport, 2009)

Nancy Bo Flood, photography by Jan Sonnenmair.
Cowboy Up!: Ride the Navajo Rodeo. (Wordsong, 2013)
How do you get a handle on the big, crazy world of rodeo? One rider, one bull, one bucking bronco at a time.
From kinderarteners on bucking sheep to the clowns that face down raging bulls, here is one day in one
rodeo with pictures so close you can feel the thousand-pound bull's breath.

Dennis Brindell Fradin & Judith Bloom Fradin, illustrated by Eric Velasquez. The Price of Freedom: How One
Town Stood Up to Slavery
. (Walker Books, 2013)
Some are willing to risk their own freedom to secure the freedom of others .In America's darkest hour, the
lead up to the Civil War, some very regular people made an extraordinary sacrifice, standing up to say all
people should be free when many of their countrymen, and the law, did not agree.

Russell Freedman, illustrated by Peter Malone. The Boston Tea Party. (Holiday House, 2012)
Can you start a war without soldiers or firing a shot, but with humor, costumes, and what was basically a
big party instead? America did it; find out how.

Aaron Frisch. Zombies. [That's Spooky] (Creative Education, 2013)
Hey, it's "My first zombie book". Start your future horror reader off right with this little primer on the
walking dead. Gently scary, and some classy, and campy, black and white illustrations for older fans.

Joe Funk. An Inside Look at the U. S. Navy SEALs. (Scholastic, 2011)
A first look at the men, machines, weapons, vehicles, and missions of the best of the best elite fighting
forces in the world, including a look at how they took down Osama bin Laden.

Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Elwood H. Smith. Gee Whiz! It’s All About Pee. (Viking Juvenile, 2006)

Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Elwood H. Smith.
The Truth About Poop. (Viking, 2004)

Kelly Milner Halls and William Grahasm Sumper.
Saving the Baghdad Zoo. (Greenwillow Books, 2009)
War destroys lives, and not just human lives. A handful of brave people, led by an American Army officer,
took on the challenge of saving the animals in zoos all over Baghdad during the Iraq War. With bullets flying
around them, they wrangled lions, alligators and many more animals. Heroes come in some surprising

"Horror Scapes" series:
Michael Burgan.
Dracula's Dark World. (Bearport, 2011)
Natalie Lunis.
Tut's Deadly Tomb. (Bearport, 2011)
Stephen Person.
Ghostly Alcatraz. (Bearport, 2011)
Stephen Person.
Voodoo in New Orleans. (Bearport, 2011)
Steven L. Stern.
Witchcraft in Salem. (Bearport, 2011)

Sheila Griffin Lanas.
Mo Willems. (ABDO Publishing, 2012)
Doodling his way to the top!

Jennifer Morse. Guiness Book of World Records 2009. (Scholastic Reference, 2008)

Marissa Moss, illustrated by Yuko Shimizu.
Barbed Wire Baseball. (Abrams, 2013)
There is something freeing about launching a long home run and running easily around the bases and back
to home while the ball sails over the fence. But what if the fence is made of barbed wire, and even if the ball
can fly away, you can never go home? People scoff at the idea that sports are life, but what if baseball is all
you have of your life? This is the true story of a man who played with babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and then
was imprisoned with his whole family, his whole community. His crime? He was Japanese, and America
went to war with Japan.

Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce.
Ghosts: A Nonfiction Companion to A Good Night for Ghosts.
[Magic Tree House Research Guide] (Random House, 2009)
It is always great to get a kid hooked on a series, but so much better to hook them on a series that has
both fiction and nonfiction books. We don't give nonfiction enough credit, nor do we honor the fact that so
many boys want to connect their reading with real life. Well, in this case it is real death in the
form of real
ghost stories, highly illustrated and quickly told. Great for those kids already addicted to the series, and a
grand introduction for those who aren't.   

Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce.
Leprechauns and Irish Folklore: A Nonfiction Companion to
Leprechauns in Late Winter. [Magic Tree House Research Guide] (Random House, 2010)
Who needs a story written ABOUT some of the best stories ever? Why not just enjoy Irish folklore? Revel
in the playful, and sometimes not so playful, deeds of the wee folk, whether meeting to dance
beneath the
stars, tearing apart houses that were built on fairy roads, or spiriting away their little hoards of gold. Learn
how to find that gold, how to lift a fairy spell, and what it means when a Banshee wails outside your window.

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. Dogs on Duty: Soldiers’ Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond. (Walker,
When can a dog be a SEAL? When it is a military Working Dog! Meet these four-legged heroes and see how
they are raised and trained, and how they save lives and serve their country.

Arnold Ringstad, illustrated by Kathleen Petelin. Wierd-But-True Facts About the U.S. Military. (The Child's
World, 2013)
U.S. Presidents have been soldiers, one never made it past private, but so have dolphins and pigeons. One
weapon today costs more than the entire Revolutionary War, yes, even adjusted for inflation. We didn't lose
a single major battle in one war, but the White House was captured and burned in another. It's a wacky
walk through American warfare.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Special Edition 2009. (Scholastic, 2008)

Michael Sandler. "Fast Rides" (Series):
Dynamic Drag Racers. (Bearport, 2011)
Electrifying Eco-Race Cars. (Bearport, 2011)
It's where gear-heads, speed-freaks, tree-huggers, and techno-nuts meet to say... "Wow!"
Hot Hot Rods. (Bearport, 2011)
Jet Powered Speed. (Bearport, 2011)

"Scary Places" (Series)

Dinah Williams.
Creepy Stations.  (Bearport, 2013)
Thousands of people pass through train stations every day... and some stay for hundreds of years. Train
wreck victims, murder victims, and the only Pony Express rider killed in the line of duty; the various ghosts
that are said to inhabit those places where so many people come to move on, and some never do.
Dinah Williams. Abandoned Insane Asylums. (Bearport, 2008)
Sarah Parvis.
Creepy Castles. (Bearport, 2008)
Michael E. Goodman. Dark Labyrinths. (Bearport, 2008)
Sarah Parvis.
Ghost Towns. (Bearport, 2008)
Sarah Parvis.
Haunted Hotels. (Bearport, 2008)
Dinah Williams.
Haunted Houses. (Bearport, 2008)
Dinah Williams.
Spooky Cemeteries. (Bearport, 2008)
Steven L. Stern.
Wretched Ruins. (Bearport, 2010)

Bill Wise, pictures by Adam Gustavson.
Silent Star: the Story of a Deaf Major Leaguer William Hoy. (Lee &
Low, 2012)
William Hoy was the first major league baseball player to throw out three runners at the plate from the
outfield in a single game. More than a hundred years later, only two others have done it. He is still among
the top 25 base stealers in major league history. But don't cheer for him; he couldn't hear you. Few are
good enough to play pro baseball, but how much harder would itbe if you couldn't hear your coach? Or the
crack of the bat? Or your teammates yelling for the ball? Or even the umpire calling balls and strikes? We
often say people with disabilities are just like everyone else. William "Dummy" Hoy wasn't; he was better.

"The Work of Heroes: First Responders in Action" (Series)
Meish Goldish.
Doctors to the Rescue. (Bearport, 2012)
Meish Goldish.
Firefighters to the Rescue. (Bearport, 2012)  
Nancy White.
Paramedics to the Rescue. (Bearport, 2012)
Nancy White.
Police Officers to the Rescue. (Bearport, 2012)
Meish Goldish.
Animal Control Officers to the Rescue. (Bearport, 2013)
"When I grow up, I want to be a police officer...or a veterinarian... or a superhero." Well, why not become a
little bit of all three? Find out how in this look at animal control officers.They are a long way from the old dog
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Ann Bausum. Stubby the War Dog: the True Story of World War I's Bravest Dog. (National Geographic,
A grizzled veteran in a uniform dripping with medals marches in a parade for a war long since ended. Kids
who weren't even born when he fought, took a hunk of shrapnel in the chest, single-handedly captured an
enemy soldier, and saved a comrade in the middle of a fierce battle strain to see. He marches in step with
his unit, snaps his head around on the command "Eyes right", and stops and salutes the superior officer
reviewing the parade. Then he drops back to all four feet, his tongue hangs out, and the most famous mutt
to fight in World War I marches on.

Tanya Lee Stone. Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black
. (Candlewick, 2013)
Who says a soldier has to fight to change history? Can stepping out of a plane into thin air take more
courage than facing an enemy? And can an enemy within be as terrible as an enemy on the other side of
the battlefield? In World War II, seventeen men, seventeen BLACK men, changed America by boarding a
plane knowing they weren't going to land with it, and became the first African Americans in the most elite
unit in the military.

Lisa Miles. Origami Dinosaurs. (Gareth Stevens, 2013)
What better use for your reading skills than to make something cool? Make your own dinosaurs... out of
paper! Amaze your friends. Make armies of dinosaurs. From very simple dinosaurs to an impressive T-