"Afraid of the Water" (Series):
Natalie Lunis.
Blue-Ringed Octopus: Small But Deadly. (Bearport, 2010)
Natalie Lunis.
Boxed Jellyfish: Killer Tentacles. (Bearport, 2010)
Meish Goldish.
Moray Eel: Dangerous Teeth. (Bearport, 2010)
Snakes. Snakes underwater. Huge snakes underwater, with big teeth that curve in so no prey can
escape. They blend into their surroundings so you don't know they are there, until it's too late! Moray
eels are just one of the nightmare creatures lurking in the deep in the series "Afraid of the Water"!
Natalie Lunis. Portugese Man-of-War: Floating Misery. (Bearport, 2010)
Meish Goldish.
Shark: The Shredder. (Bearport, 2010)
Meish Goldish.
Stonefish: Needles of Pain. (Bearport, 2010)

Cindy Blobaum. Awesome
Snake Science!: 40 Activities for Learning About Snakes. (Chicago Review
Press, 2012)
Here's a book for the real reptile lover, or just the science nut. Written very scientifically, but at an
accessible level, it honors the serious nature lover. And good news for parents: no real snakes needed!

Sylvia Branzei. Animal Grossology. (Price Stern Sloan, 2004)

Sylvia Branzei.
Grossology. (Price Stern Sloan, 2002)

Sylvia Branzei.
Grossology and You. (Price Stern Sloan, 2002)

Sylvia Branzei.
Hands-On Grossology. (Price Stern Sloan, 2003)   

"Disaster Survivors" (Series)
Stephen Person.
Struck By Lightning! (Bearport, 2010)
Person manages to give a great deal of very real information without losing the wonder, the awe, the
raw power of nature unleashed in bolts of pure energy that can travel more than 20 miles in the blink of
an eye. This is the perfect setting for the big five questions: who does lightning strike? Where? When?
How often? And most importantly, why? It's all here in a slim volume with some spectacular
photography and easily accessible text. Give a kid twenty minutes with this book and he will be running
to the computer to find more, diving for another book in the series, or looking for a kite and a key.
Joyce L. Markovics. Blitzed By a Blizzard! (Bearport, 2010)
Stephen Person.
Devastated By a Volcano! (Bearport, 2010)
Jessica Rudolph.
Erased By a Tornado! (Bearport, 2010)
Laura DeLallo.
Hammered By a Heat Wave! (Bearport, 2010)
Adam Reingold.
Leveled By an Earthquake! (Bearport, 2010)
Miriam Aronin.
Slammed By a Tsunami! (Bearport, 2010)

Paul Fleisher.
Parasites: Latching On to a Free Lunch. (Twenty-First Century Books, 2006)  

Thomas R. Holtz and Luis V. Rey.
Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur
Lovers of All Ages.
(Random House, 2007)

Tanya Lloyd Kyi.
50 Poisonous Questions: A Book With Bite. (Annick Press, 2011)
Half this book is about cool poisons in nature, fangs, warts, and clicking mandibles. Very cool. The other
half is about the poisons we humans put into the world and use on each other. Infuriating. All of it is
worth the read.

Joy Masoff. Oh Yuck!: the Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty. (Workman, 2000)

Jim Murphy and Alison Blank.
Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a Cure.
(Clarion Books, 2012)
The human race is at war, and has been for thousands of years. More people have died in this war than
all the ones ever fought with guns. The enemy? A microbe too small to see. Do you think we won the war
against Tuberculosis, the greatest of all biological weapons? Think again…

H.P. Newquist. Here There Be Monsters: The Legendary Kraken and the Giant Squid. (Houghton Mifflin,
The only thing more exciting than a monster of myth is when the monster turns out to be real. This
nonfiction, picture book format includes every known picture of the giant and colossal squids, as well as
many of the fanciful pictures of the legendary Kraken. For everyone who likes real life adventure stories,
as well as those fans of a good creature feature.

Michael Sandler. "Fast Rides" (Series):
Dynamic Drag Racers. (Bearport, 2011)
Electrifying Eco-Race Cars. (Bearport, 2011)
It's where gear-heads, speed-freaks, tree-huggers, and techno-nuts meet to say... "Wow!"
Hot Hot Rods. (Bearport, 2011)
Jet Powered Speed. (Bearport, 2011)

Michael Sandler. "X-Moves" (Series):
Cool Snowboarders. (Bearport, 2010)
Daring BMXers. (Bearport, 2010)
Gnarly Skateboarders. (Bearport, 2010)
Mighty MotoXers. (Bearport, 2010)
For the early gear-head crowd, here is a quick, highly visual tour of the motocross world. The stop-action
photos of every step of a trick are particularly stunning.
Rally Car Dudes. (Bearport, 2010)
Super Surfers. (Bearport, 2010)

"The Science Of..." (Series)
Mike Flynn.
The Ultimate Survival Guide. (Macmillan Children's Books, 2010)
Ever since Piven and Borgenicht's "Worst Case Scenario" series, there has been a rash of survival
books, most disappointingly tame and little-related to the great outdoors. This is the real thing, a guide
that talks about real life survival situations from your back yard to the harshest environments on earth.
Complete with activities like building a solar water purifier and a bit of British humor, this is the book for
all those boys who were sorely disappointed by
The Dangerous Book for Boys.
Georgina Phillips. Ouch!: Extreme Feats of Human Endurance. (Macmillan Children's Books, 2010)
Dave Reay.
Your Planet Needs You!: A Kid's Guide to Going Green. (Macmillan Children's Books, 2009)

Steve Sheinkin.
Bomb: the Race to Build – and Steal – the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon. (Roaring
Brook Press, 2012)
The atomic bomb would, without doubt, determine the outcome of World War II, and shape the world that
would follow. America’s future depended on building the bomb before the Germans, and keeping the
secret away from the Soviets. So the story of the bomb is not just one of scientists unlocking one of
nature’s greatest secrets, but of daring commando raids and cloak-and-dagger spies that would put
James Bond to shame.

Andrew Solway. What's Living in Your Bedroom? (Heinemann, 2004)

Chris Woodford, et al.
Cool Stuff and How it Works. (Dorling Kindersley, 2005)   

Chris Woodford and Jon Woodcock.
Cool Stuff 2.0 and How it Works. (Dorling Kindersley, 2007)

Chris Woodford.
Cool Stuff Exploded. (Dorling Kindersley, 2008)   

Chris Woodford and Jon Woodcock.
The Gadget Book: How Really Cool Stuff Works. (Dorling
Kindersley, 2007)

Chris Woodford.
How Cool Stuff Works. (Dorling Kindersley, 2008)   
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Steve Jenkins.
The Animal Book: A Collection of the Fastest, Fiercest, Toughest, Cleverest, Shyest-
and Most Surprising-Animals on Earth.
(Houghton Mifflin, 2013)
I have been reading animal books that were clearly "designed" to appeal to kids. Big headlines,
outrageous text, wild pictures. All of which would be insulting to that kid who REALLY knows his
animals. You know the kid. He soaks up animal facts and understands ecosystems. This encyclopedic
treatment of animals is just what that kid wants and needs. There are webs of interaction and
predation, chapters formed around behaviors and defense systems, and an ambitious chapter on the
history of life on Earth. Budding naturalists will leap for joy.