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Sharon Creech. The Boy on the Porch. (Joanna Cotler
Books, 2013)
Can a child be so much the pure embodiment of
childhood that he is known simply as "boy"? Can such
a child be truly lost, even if he has no home, no family,
no past, and no voice? And what can such a child do
for two adults who have everything, but are still lost
themselves? It's a modern parable with an air of

Elementary School Magical Realism

John Bemelmans Marciano, illustrated by Sophie
The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield.
(Viking, 2013)
It has all the morbid humor of Edward Gorey, and all
the snarky humor of Lemony Snicket. If you love to
see the bad guy get it in the end, this bad guy gets it in
the end, the beginning, the middle...
Middle Reader Humor

Kathy Long. Christopher Sat Straight Up in Bed.
(Eerdmans Books, 2013)
How brave it is to go and find out what makes
frightening sounds in the night. Christopher braves
trumpeting elephants, pounding dinosaurs, and...
Picture Book

Steve Light. Diggers Go. (Chronicle Books, 2013)
Big machines make big noises, can you make them
too? Sing along with excavators, wrecking balls, and a
whole chorus gears and wheels and roaring engines.
Picture Book  

Lisa Miles. Origami Dinosaurs. (Gareth Stevens, 2013)
What better use for your reading skills than to make
something cool? Make your own dinosaurs... out of
paper! Amaze your friends. Make armies of dinosaurs.
From very simple dinosaurs to an impressive T-Rex.
Elementary Nonfiction

Mary Kay Carson. Deadly and Dangerous. [American
Museum of Natural History Easy Readers, Level 2]
(Sterling Children's Books, 2013)
A gentle introduction to fierce creatures. And the
deadliest of them all is on the last page. Can you
guess which one it will be?
Early Readers

Martin W. Sandler. Imprisoned: The Betrayal of
Japanese Americans During World War II
. (Walker
Childrens, 2013)
During World War II, a government rounded up an
entire race of people and imprisoned them behind
barbed wire and armed guards. It wasn't Germany.
Don't count on what you learned in school about
American history. We don't always want to admit our
Teen Nonfiction

Sally Sutton, illustrated by Brian Lovelock. Demolition.
(Candlewick, 2014)
Little guys, big trucks. A match made in heaven. But
even better than watching huge machines make stuff
is watching them knock stuff down. And wait for the
twist at the end!
Picture Book

Jon Skovron. Man Made Boy. (Viking Penguin, 2013)
Frankenstein raised serious questions about the role
of creation and creators in the industrial age. Now, in
this striking modern retelling, the son of
Frankenstein's monster deals with the same struggle,
but in the digital age he is both the created and the
Teen Gothic Horror

Mike Twohy. Wake Up, Rupert! (Simon & Schuster,
Every day, those poor roosters wake up before
everybody else, to wake up everybody else. But do
they really have too? I mean, Rupert the roostter can
sleep in just one day, can't he?
Picture Book

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